Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tangled Love Heart

A while back, JewelryLessons.com did a Valentine's Day challenge. I wasn't going to submit anything - I'm not ordinarily a heart person - especially not a frilly heart person! I don't even like pink! (my son says I'm not a real girl - does that mean I am Pinochiette? Where the heck is the Blue Fairy when you need her???)
So anywho, I thought about things for a bit, and decided to apply my twisted sensibilities to the challenge. Here is what I came up with!
Surprisingly, it was very well received, and I had many requests for a tutorial. So of course, I created one!!! Available in my Shaktipaj Designs Etsy shop, and JewelryLessons.com
BTW - Bobbi Maw of My Wired Imagination won that challenge! No surprise - her work is impeccable. She and her honey bunny Spike collaborated beautifully, as is fitting for two real life lovers!

The coolest thing is the endless ideas for variations that opened up as I made the tutorial. I think this is the cutest one: Don't those eyes just melt you!
There are pics of more variations at my Flickr - hop on over, I'm always doing new things!

Time for the philosophical musing of the day! Any time anybody talks about hearts as jewelry, my head goes to Bob Dylan first,(Tangled up in Blue) Bonnie Raitt second.(Tangled and Dark) Don't ask me why - it just does. Dylan recognizes that love is not all hearts and flowers, but acknowledges that the veneer we swaddle the tangled complexities of emotion into is important, even if it is superficial.
Bonnie acknowledges Dylan's point and then says to heck with it - when you work out the philosophical stuff and move on, it is all about hot emotional sex.

I like both views - a lot - that is the kind of girl I am!

Think about the details in your life for a moment today - you'll find that even the smallest have a place in your heart. :^)

With Gratitude,


Kathleen Krucoff on April 1, 2009 at 8:29 AM said...

Hey Perri,

Love the heart, and I'm not normally a heart person either. Saw Eni's newsletter with your tutorial for this earlier. Great stuff. Congrats.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on all of this. Enjoyed it a lot.


Anonymous said...

Perri, This picture frame is fantastic. So adorable. I just love your work.


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