Sunday, December 14, 2008

Elegant in Pearls

I was feeling like trying my hand at studs. Haven't done that yet. I have kind of sensitive ears, so little pokes from stray wires and uneven backs bug me.
Most wire wrapped studs are made with soft wire so that the rest of the earring can be made. The majority of studs that I've seen in wire don't have a hardened post. They are prone to sagging when (not if) they get bent. And bending happens easily in soft wire.

So those were my goals - to make studs that had a nice hard post, and a clean, even finish next to the ear. Good enough! Let's gather materials.......Not so fast my girl! I love button-type pearls, the beautiful creamy faces....mmmmmm!!! But these added another challenge - how to keep the pearl as close to the ear as possible, keep everything secure, and make the wires as un-noticeable as possible. I DO know how to craft a challenge for my self.

By George, I think I got it! These are truly fit for Henry Higgins' Eliza! I thought of Audrey Hepburn when I was done.

Wanna know the BEST part? The photo process is quite a bit different from most of my work - and I really like the look. You know how some people have 'signature' photography for their work? I mean, every time I see a photo like this on Etsy, I know it belongs to Allison of AliBaubles! By the way, Alison's work is so modern, clean, and flawless, you'd swear she wasn't human! (Did you hear the choir sing and bells ring just then? And the rustle of wings unfurling?)

Another artist/angel whose photos have a special flavor is Bobbi of My Wired Imagination. Tropical color and bold images - love it! Corra of DeCors Handmades also has a distinctive photography style - filled with light, and fresh femininity.

The best part for me is that all of the artists above pay strict attention to detail! I guess none of the details are too small......



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