Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The start of something NEW!

I'm starting a new blog here because the old one just didn't offer what I needed. For those of you who never visited, it is here. Photos and thought from earlier. I wanted to keep it in place to direct folks who are used to the old venue.

So here is some insight into how my mind works - this ring was just a project to get my juices flowing, nothing more to the intent. But GAG! It definitely got something flowing! Several views, there's a lot going on!

OK, for those of you who like it, I apologize for not liking it, to each his own, thank you!
To those who think it is over-done, over worked, and too full of too many details - well, you read the name of the blog!

I'll try to do better in the future..........Hey! there SOME good things about it! You'd have to tear it apart to find them individually, but they ARE there! I like the weave on the band - It's a size 7 - do I hear any offers?

On another note, I've started to write some things on Feel free to hop on over. Just because they sell tutorials doesn't mean the articles aren't good. Lots of fun stuff and eye candy to peruse. Just don't let your Mom catch you.....

Pay attention to the details,



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